Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hybrid Theory ( Linkin Park ) demo 2000 7 tracks

Today we have audio for you of a cool find. Many of you may remember a Demo CD/Acetate that leaked out approximately 2-3 years ago, featuring slightly different mixes of well known Linkin Park demos, as well as a previously unreleased Hybrid Theory track titled "She Couldn't". As fans will remember, while "She Couldn't" was rather clear, the quality of the other demos contained on that CD were somewhat uneven in spots, with certain tracks being less listenable due to varying amounts of static. Unfortunately due to being a fault of the source (the CD itself), there was no other way for these demos to exist without the static, and it was accepted that the songs would have to exist in this form until a better source came along.

A few months ago a 7 track demo CD purporting to be of mixes from February 2000 (that excludes "She Couldn't") surfaced, and we are offering this CD in both mp3 and FLAC format for download. The CD appears to contain the same mixes as featured on the Hybrid Theory 8-Track, except without She Couldn't and now completely without static. While the official story of this exact CD is unknown, we know this to be done after the band was signed to Warner and we believe it could have been a CD made to show the band's progress on the record, likely created closely to the date shown on the label itself. The 9-track was created February 2000, and the HT WBR internal in August 2000 and theplaster WBR internal in June (Thats mix 1 or 4, Mixes 2,3,4 haven't been found yet). So we anticipate this is from somewhere around those dates.

While these demos are not exactly new (as their static plagued forms had existed prior), we are still offering these to you to add to your collection. We also believe the CD these are coming from to be real, as it would be difficult to remove the static completely as these tracks have done. -

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